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walleye chowder recipe

by , Posted to on 08/29/2009 8:39 PM | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

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Cut fillets into chunks  a cup or 2 or more if you like, Sprinkle with seafood seasoning salt.
In a soup kettle melt 4 tablespoons  of butter and add one chopped onion and 3 or 4 diced potatoes and 1 chopped up celery stick. 
cook for 15 or 20 min. or till potatoes are done.     Add 1 can condensed milk and one can cream of celery soup and walleye chunks. simmer another 20 min. until fish is flakey.   season to taste with seafood seasoning salt and fresh ground peppercorns .     This one is a keeper.   


Re: walleye chowder recipe
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Location: ND
I forgot to mention to start with 2 cups of water and add more if needed

Re: walleye chowder recipe
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Fish goes in RAW or precooked fish????????????
Re: walleye chowder recipe
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Raw,  Just make sure you  cut it into real small pieces.  1/2 inch square or so.   Stir it once in a while while cooking and  the cubes flake apart  Then cook another 15 min or so.  

Re: walleye chowder recipe
by on 08/29/2009 11:22 PM | Reply #4 | "Quote" | "Quick Reply" |

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Recipe sounds good, especially in camp! But, doesn't cooking the fish that long make it flake too much? I know when I do a poor man's lobster, if I cook the fish more than 4 minutes, it's way too overcooked and doesn't hold together? Maybe instead of cooking the fish that long add a fish stock to get a bit more of the flavor (make your own with the walleye or buy some in the can)
Not to rip on the recipe, but I'd add a few ingredients ( campcook has taught me a little over the years;) :
Instead of condensed, use fresh milk and some cream, add a bit of flower to thicken it up.
How about a little fresh of the cob corn as well, I'd cut it off the cob so you have a sheet of corn, not just individual kernels (more so for presentation)
A couple of fresh bay leaves
Some lightly sauted onions, carrots, and peppers (camp cooks favorite) sauted in a white wine along with the celery, I wouldn't saute em too long though as a subtle texture could be welcomed
Off course some freshly ground pepper and a bit of salt, I love a peppery chowder!
And lastly I'd add some bacon! What's a good chowder or potatoe soup without some bacon?

Again, don't mean to hijack your recipe. As a chef at heart, I just can't help but experimenting though.

Either way I'm trying it soon!! Sounds delicious!!!  Anybody want to donate some fresh eyes, I'll cook

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Re: walleye chowder recipe
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Location: ND
Yep Fox I am with you on the experimenting,  No matter how much you try you just can't wreck walleye chowder so just about anything goes.  The  overcooking isn't so bad, If I was after texture I would be pan frying the walleye.   it's part of the thickening process  I add a pinch or 2 of of that white gravy mix in a packet  if it needs additional thickener.   Fresh everything is great if your in the kitchen, I like experimenting with non perishable or long shelf life ingredients just because I like roughing it for couple weeks at a time and  keeping perishable ingredients can be a pain.   A wild game cooking contest  would be just as fun as a shooting match or fishing tournament in my opinion.

Re: walleye chowder recipe
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Save  the wal-eye for pan frying or poor man s-lobster.Make your chowder out of ling,white bass or boned snot rocket.
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Posted By: Crackshot.
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