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Red River Fishing Reports

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Red River (North) - Wednesday, July 4, 2012
By: on 07/05/2012 10:10 PM | Add Comment | Post New Report |

Finally got out fishing on the Red River,, docked at Cabela's and went down to Thompson Bridge, fished different spots on the way back, one spot we caught 3 cats, 2 were 5lbs and 1 was smaller,, ran boat up on shore and waited out the thunderstorm under a tree.  Found another spot and had real good luck, another 5 lb, 14 lb, 18 lb and a couple smaller ones.   I had a couple out that have never caught catfish before, they each caught 2, I think they are hooked on catfishing.  Hopefully going out again this weekend.      

Red River (North) - Tuesday, July 3, 2012
By: on 07/03/2012 5:52 PM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
just curious i see they raised the northern limit to 10,i will be fishing in drayton for a few days is there a differnt possession limit there.thanks for your help.
Red River (North) - Saturday, June 30, 2012
By: on 07/02/2012 09:34 AM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
Went by the north ramp in Grand Forks for a few hours. Had a few bites with no hook ups. Finally had a decent one on that was fighting pretty good when my line decided to break **facepalm**. Bites came on goldeye.

Sun morning was the same thing, though I did manage to pull in a small northern. Probably wasn't out at the right times to get into the good cats, but it was nice to be by the water and fishing.
Red River (North) - Monday, June 25, 2012
By: on 06/25/2012 3:47 PM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
Just a heads up.. Some of you may know this but if not just a frendly suggestion. I was out fishing south of Oslo and on my way back to the landing the kids thought it would be cool to drive around the bridge pillers and between the train and car bridge on the middle piller their is a sunkin tree (I believe) luckly I wasnt going fast so I was able to kill the motor before it hit but it was in about 14 feet or so. Becareful out there and good fishing.
Red River (North) - Saturday, June 23, 2012
By: on 06/23/2012 11:34 AM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
Fished south of Fargo yesterday afternoon until 11:30 p.m.  Very tough in the afternoon and early evening.  Picked up a good bite right at dusk until dark.  Biggest was 15, but most were 2-5 pounders.  All fish came on goldeye except the 15, which came on a frog at about 11 p.m.  We tried fresh sucker, sour sucker, frogs and goldeye.  Goldeye is clearly what they want right now.  Not even a nibble on sucker.  Water is up about 2 feet and there's a lot of stuff floating around, so be careful.  Some really big logs to avoid. 
Red River (North) - Thursday, June 21, 2012
By: on 06/21/2012 3:23 PM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
sorry this isnt a report i was just wondering if anyone knew of a place to catch largemouth bass somewhat near grand forks any info appreciated thanks
Red River (North) - Sunday, June 17, 2012
By: on 06/17/2012 8:23 PM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
 fish are on the bite get your line in the water. be using frogs sucker and goldeye and dont be stingy.juat get outwhere and when ya can.
Red River (North) - Wednesday, June 13, 2012
By: on 06/14/2012 10:40 PM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
so here"s the deal my family and I went out to catch some cats and my son and I caught walleye his was 6 lbs and mine 8, whats going on we were using frogs and casting in the center of the river at the Oslo landing. Now don"t get me wrong I love walleye's but we were fishing for cats. Is this normal to catch walleye in the middle of the river? Also I just bought  a boat and was wondering about a good fishing spot. I found a 40 foot hole about 5 miles south of Olso, Is this a good spot or not, I'm not expecting anybody to give up secrets just some advice if willing. Thanks and hope you guys have GREAT fishing
Red River (North) - Wednesday, June 13, 2012
By: on 06/13/2012 8:49 PM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
Red River (North) - Tuesday, June 12, 2012
By: on 06/12/2012 09:44 AM | Add Comment | Post New Report |

Amphibians have been the bait of choice for cats the last week. Action has been great, with numerous doubles and triples. The night bite has been good also. Big fish are still there but I've had to work for them. Shallow slack water areas have been good but also log jams and heavier current (the main channel) concentrating on holes is also producing fish.

Water temp last Saturday evening was 77, so when I jumped in the river to try and get a clients 20 pound plus catfish unwrapped from a tree, it was nice and cozy as I dove to the bottom in 8 FOW. Although I didn't get to the snag in time and the fish broke free from the hook, I had to at least make an effort as we lost the 3 or 4 big fish that they had on. Again though, it was a good day with more action than they could handle at times.

Most fish are biting light, some are more aggressive (the rod holder shakers) and you'll hear the rod bending/creaking before you see it. Goldeye's been working ok, sucker......well not so much. Action should pick up very soon as we are getting some warmer weather. Starting now, any time it rains, look to Frogs or Water Dogs. Before or after a good rain they'll more than likely be the top producer.

Good luck!

Red River (North) - Sunday, June 10, 2012
By: on 06/10/2012 5:25 PM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
Hello guys,

Was fishing for panfish around fargo and caught my first 2 catfish with plastic softbaits ! Awesome !
60-65 cm for each fish, was good fighters ! Glad to know that this fish can bit plastic baits !

Red River (North) - Saturday, June 9, 2012
By: on 06/09/2012 6:22 PM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
Looking to rent a boat in the drayton area for fishing trip in Aug. any help would be appreciated.
Red River (North) - Monday, June 4, 2012
By: on 06/04/2012 4:02 PM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
Where does a guy go to find the big cats around here? Are there any Flathead or Blues in the Red River or anywhere around Fargo?
Red River (North) - Sunday, June 3, 2012
By: on 06/04/2012 11:44 AM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
My first time fishing on the Red River,

Im new to North Dakota all together. Recently I bought an inflatable boat to get out on the water. Since all I have is a car and apartment that all I am able to use/store/transport.

My first time out didnt go the best. I went down to the little park by main st and headed up river. It took me about an hour to get past the first couple bends, I was getting tired and decided to anchor down and try it out. So I set my bobber at around 8ft, hooked a fathead minnow and let it drift back down stream 150 yards or so. I got a couple small hits but with the distance it wasnt enough to actually hook anything. Aggervated and tired I decided to start heading back. About a 1/4 mile from the dock I stopped for one last try. This time I forgot to tie my anchor down and as we drifted slowly the rope slipped over the edge and I lost it. I was so angry I wasnt even watching my bobber. Next thing I know I looked up and its gone. I closed my bail and waited for the line to go tight, It was running under the boat, I jerked my pole back and set the hook, I could tell this was a nice fish. It spun our raft around and headed to the bottom. At first it was pulling me up stream then it seemed to stop. I dont know what it was, if it was to big of a fish to pull up or if it had wrapped around a tree or even my long lost anchor. My pole was bent in half drag almost maxed out and I couldnt get it to budge, I thought it was snagged so I let off a little and it started to pull back bending the pole again. I fought with it for 30 min or so before I got frustrated and made a rookie mistake, I grabbed the line and pullled up as hard as i could, I broke my line. I will be going back with heavier gear to catch this fish soon.
Red River (North) - Monday, June 4, 2012
By: on 06/04/2012 07:53 AM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
Fished with Fargo Cat Man yesterday morning from 6-11 in Fargo.  Landed 10 and had a lot of light biters that wouldn't take the bait.  Used frogs, fresh sucker and sour sucker and had about the same number of bites on all.  Sour sucker probably did better than fresh sucker.  Did a lot of moving around, but mostly fished  above structure by deeper water.   Landed fish at pretty much ever spot we stopped.  We'd fish a spot for 10-20 minutes and get the actively-feeding fish out of each spot and move on.

Nothing huge.  Biggest was about 12 and she was so fat she looked about ready to pop.  Most were in the 4-7 pound range.   Other than a little rain, it was nice to get out.   Had a LOT of light biters that wouldn't commit. 
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