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Rainy Lake Fishing Reports

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Rainy Lake - Thursday, July 7, 2005
By: on 07/07/2005 10:50 AM | Add Comment | Post New Report |
Rainy lake July 2 - July 6. The fishing reports from the local guides was that the walleyes where biting in 16 to 24 feet of water. We did catch a few in those depths. Driving over the basins in the lake there was a lot of fish suspended over 60' to 92 feet of water feeding on smelt and siscoes. We decided to troll reef runners and had imediate success catching many fish from 19" to 26" and several pike from 4 to 8'. We also caught alot of fish on a reef that topped out at 42' on lindy rigs with 1/2 ounce lindy sinkers 8' leeders a chartruse beed tipped with a shiner minnow. We spoke with 3 guides from the area who said we were the first people to catch fish using these methods this year and at those depths. We mannaged to catch enough smaller fish to keep our limmit but the majority where to large to keep.
1 Reports | Page 1 of 11