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Lake Vermillion - Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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This report is for North Star lake.  Since there is no section for this lake, I put it under Lake Vermillion.  I fished a whole week at North Star.  It is a very weedy lake.  Weeds didn't stop untill the 18foot depth.  Fishing was very tough.  Water is super clear.  I had 2 muskys follow up but no takers.  They seemed to stop following about 20 feet from boat.  My guess is that they spook from the boat because of the clear water.  I tried to catch walleyes.  With all the thick weeds, it was very difficult.  I decided to go at night.  I fished in the deep basin which does drop down to 90feet.  I ran big cranks on planer boards so I wouldn't spook the fish.  My first fish was a 7.3lb walleye caught 7 feet down over 40 feet of water.  There is a ton of bait every where in this lake.  I caught several other walleyes this way.  My daughter managed to catch two muskies.  She caught both of them on a tiny tear drop jig with a small piece of worm casted into and pulled above the weeds.  She landed both of them with 6lb mono and no leader.  I know, I'm still suprized by this.  Tons of musky fishermen on this lake but I didn't see anyone catch one.

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